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The corporation is the most popular form of business structure in Canada.

Types of Corporations in Canada:

  • Canadian Controlled Private Corporations
  • Other Private Corporation
  • Public Corporation
  • Corporation controlled by a public corporation

  • Corporate tax planning begins at inception. At M. Yasin & Co we familiarize you with the different types of corporation from a tax point of view and potential corporate tax issues. All Canadian corporations are not created equal when it comes to taxation.

    When you choose to structure your small business as a corporation in Canada, it's worth seeing if you can set it up as a Canadian-controlled private corporation because of the corporate tax advantage the Canadian-controlled private corporation enjoys. The biggest corporate tax advantage of being a Canadian –controlled private corporation is being eligible for the small business deduction. When tax times rolls around, the Canadian-controlled private corporation has definite advantages that you want to take advantage of.

    We have the expertise to address your corporate tax needs in the following areas:

    Compliance services:
  • Preparing corporate income tax and information returns, tax estimates and instalments
  • Filing tax elections
  • Accounting services for income taxes
  • Preparing T4s and T5s
  • Tax reporting for partnerships, joint ventures, commercial mutual funds and other business structures
  • Corresponding with the federal and provincial authorities on your behalf
  • Improving your internal tax processes
    Corporate tax planning:
  • Identifying tax opportunities in your business to minimize taxes
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of your business structures
  • Advising on the tax implications of proposed transactions
  • Reviewing shareholders’ agreements
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